Sunday, June 24, 2012

UPDATE: Sunday,June 24 Tyaughton Lake Mudslide

The SLRD Emergency Manager,  the Min. of Transportation supervisor and geo tech flew over the upper Crane Creek area and have given the a-ok.  The Local State of Emergency and Evacuation Order has been rescinded.

It appears the cause of this debris flow was an avalanche with debris that came down sometime during the winter.  As the ice started to melt via rain & temperatures, the debris let go.

The flow has altered the flow of the creek particularly below the road.  In order to protect landowners in the area, a channel will need to be dug to accomodate the creek prior to the culvert which goes under the road being reopened.  So while the work to fix this will start tomorrow (Monday) it may take a few days to repair.  A Min. of Transportation hydrological engineer will be on site to make sure this goes properly.

Ryan Wainwright, the SLRD Emergency Manager will be back in the area tomorrow and will speak to residents on the other side of the slide which they were not able to get to today.

Of note, when they did the fly over today they had a look at some of the drainages in the area and they all look not too bad with no apparent blockages of a similar type.

Ryan Wainwright, the SLRD Emergency Manager made note that while losing some business as a result of this slide, the Tyax Wilderness Lodge has been very accomodating throughout.  So Thank You to the Tyax crew!!!!

I will update as I am advised.

Sunday, 2:30 pm