Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Road 40 Funding Announcement & more

Sal and I just had our 3rd grandchild, a boy and also took a trip to Moab, Utah.  This is the first opportunity I have had to distribute information on Road 40 repaving.  I apologize if you have seen this already, there may be some new information to you in here.  But before I go there, I'd like to announce my new alternate.

New Alternate

I'd like to announce that I have appointed Pat Dahle as my Alternate for the SLRD Board of Directors.   Pat is a full time resident in Gold Bridge, a full time employee at Tyax Resort, a board member of the Bridge River Valley Community Association, and most importantly a lover of the outdoors and the Bridge River Valley. 

I had five different people offer to be the Alternate and I'd like to thank each of them for putting their names forward.  

And finally, a huge huge Thank you to Norm Verner.  He decided to "retire" and he will be missed.  His previous experience in local government and particularly on the SLRD Board was very very reassuring and useful.  

Road 40 Funding Announcement

A very good day for the Bridge River Valley.

On March 22, Jackie Tegart our MLA drove out here to make a big funding announcement on Road 40.  On her way, her vehicle's windshield fell victim to a rolling rock off the bank side of Rd. 40. So our MLA knows our challenges with this road.

The announcement is at this link:  https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2017TRAN0096-000767

This repaving has a value of nearly $9 million.  

Basically, the funding for this repaving comes from the rehabilitation pot of money.  I have been asked is there any "new" paving or other improvements and the answer is no.  New improvements will come from the capital pot of funds...harder to make the case for.  I will keep everyone up to speed about when/what as I get details.

Special thanks go to the BRVCA Economic Development Committee who used some of their funding to develop a Business Case for the repaving and submitted it in December 2015. Also to Suzanne Denbak, who actually did the work.  

Maps:  Road 40 East   

Maps:  Road 40 West  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz8bmBXIlkCOLTYyaWZYNUJBRmM/view?usp=sharing

Maps:  Seton Lake

We are left with the ongoing challenges with maintenance on this road.  Sal and I, and particularly Sal, has been working really hard to get the Lillooet & Region Transportation Advisory Committee set up and operating in a manner that will produce some results.  Our hope is that the work this group will do going forward will assist in understanding between all the stakeholders, prioritize issues and bring changes that improve the maintenance of our roads in the entire region.

That said, there is something VERY IMPORTANT you can do.  When you see a maintenance issue report it!  Go to www.interiorroads.com and click on feedback, fill in the form.  You can also call 1.800.842.4122.  These reports are responded to by IRL and also MOTi does audit them to determine if response was made.  This is what the form looks like:

I see many people post pictures and complaints on Facebook about Rd. 40.  I get the frustration - I drive the road all the time - and I get that it makes us feel better to share.  But, it doesn't bring change.  Change and improvements come by putting in the feedback frequently and regularly.  I'd also note that those photos go far and wide, never go away and influence perceptions of people we want to come here frequently and regularly.  Give it some thought. 

I truly believe it was all the letters from property owners and businesses in our area that brought attention to the need for repaving, you can do it again on the maintenance side. Complain, complain, complain using the IRL feedback system.  Each one of you can take credit for this announcement for the repaving because you wrote and you emailed and you signed petitions.  You drew attention to the issue and all I can say is please, please keep going! 

Pretty nice spot for an announcement!
I want to say, as well, knowing there is a provincial election coming, that I have indicated to MLA Tegart twice that an issue was critical to our area.  First in 2012 with the Hurley FSR debacle when FLNRO turned over the middle section to MOTI and the maintenance went straight down hill. The second time, regarding the condition of Road 40, starting in early 2016.  Both times, MLA Tegart has listened and done what she could through the Ministries to bring relief.  All that we need on both roads? - no - but certainly significant improvements that underpin our efforts to sustain ourselves as a community in this area.   I want to be clear, it would not matter to me what party this MLA represented, she has done everything she could in these two critical situations and we have seen improvements. I know folks get all wound up about the parties, however a good constituency MLA for a remote, underdog area like ours is very very important.   Consider that when you vote.