Saturday, June 23, 2012

State of Local Emergency declared at mudslide on Tyaughton Lake Rd.

A state of local emergency has been declared for a 100 metre radius around the mudslide on the Tyaughton Lake Road between Tyax Wilderness Lodge and Friburg Recreation site.  An evacuation order has been ordered and all residents in the area have been contacted and advised.

The mudslide came down early Saturday morning and cut a swath through the road along with distributing mud down a number of driveways of properties below the road.  Several properties have been damaged and damage to structures has occured, however the signficance of the damage is yet undetermined.

A fly over late this afternoon raised concerns in that the creek, up higher,  is flowing under a wall of dirt at this time.  There is concern that additional signficant rainfall, such as we had last night, might cause this debris and dirt to come down.

SLRD Emergency Staff and other emergency and geotechnical officials will take a detailed look on Sunday.  In addition staff will talk to and work with residents and their concerns.

Many thanks to Harvey Dubeck, Reg Dubeck and Steve Hall for their special efforts today with residents.

I will update this blog as information is available tomorrow.  There is a thunderstorm and fairly heavy rain spreading its way over Gun Lake and north/east towards Tyaughton Lake tonight.  Fingers crossed.

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