Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gold Bridge Water System: 
SLRD Explanation of Current Situation

I have worked hard to get a thorough explanation of the current situation provided to residents.  There will be more information coming.

Fingers crossed we get awarded the Gas Tax Funding!!!

Please call me if you have any questions!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

UPDATE:  Monday, June 25 evening, Tyaughton Lake Rd. - Crane Creek Mudslide.

Thanks to Ryan Wainwright, SLRD Emergency Manager for spending the day in the area working with MOT staff and working with area residents.

Ryan advises that this mornings debris flow was not as big as the first one.  He indicates there is one more flow to come but it will be smaller than the first two.  It is anticipated that this last debris flow will go down the newly re-opened channel.

There is an MOT engineer on site and excavation of the creek channel below the road has begun.  The plan is to get the water diverted back into the original channel.  Estimated time of reopening Thursday or Friday. 

Local Tourism operators and Tyax Lodge have contacted guests and have made alternate arrangements to get them to their site.

Special acknowledgement today to Cliff Jennings who has called many of the residents of the neighborhood who live away.  Also thank you again to Steve Hall for his invaluable assistance - particularly being a kind & gentle shepherd to some of the engineers and so on working there.

While noone has lost their home, there are some residents that have a big mess of mud, rocks and debris on their beautiful properties.  SLRD staff are investigating information what is eligible & not for private landslide insurance, however it may come down to the community assisting these affected individuals clean up their properties.  More info to follow.

Please call me if you wish to discuss anything or ask any questions.  (250)238-2248 or

SLRD Press Release from this morning:
UPDATE:  Tyaughton Lake Rd. - Crane Creek - Another Slide Occured Last Night

I have just been advised that there has been another slide in the same location as Saturday mornings slide.
Early information indicates that at least one home may have been signficantly damaged.

SLRD Emergency Manager, Ryan Wainwright and Min. of Transportation officials (supervisor, hydrologist, geo-tech) will be back on site first thing today.

INFORMATION BULLETIN. 11:00 am   For immediate release                                                                      June 25, 2012   Second debris flow in the Crane Creek drainage near Tyaughton Lake: Tyaughton Lake Road remains closed just south of Tyax Resort   Pemberton, BC – At approximately 7:00 am on Monday, June 25, 2012, a second debris flow occurred in the Crane Creek Drainage near Tyaughton Lake, in Electoral Area A of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD). This is the second landslide to occur in the Crane Creek drainage; the first occurred at approximately 3:30 am on Saturday, June 23, 2012. There were no injuries as a result of either debris flow however there was some damage to property, and Tyaughton Lake Road remains closed until further notice, just south of Tyax Resort. Staff from the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) and the SLRD will be on-site today with geotechnical engineers to assess the risk and more information will be announced as it becomes available.  Residents are asked to avoid the area if possible, and visitors are asked to confirm their travel plans prior to departure. Please visit for road information and updates. For more information, please contact the Squamish Lillooet Regional District at 1-800-298-7753.   For more information, please contact:     Jeannette Nadon Communications and Grants Coordinator  P: 604-894-6371 ext 239y

Sunday, June 24, 2012

UPDATE: Sunday,June 24 Tyaughton Lake Mudslide

The SLRD Emergency Manager,  the Min. of Transportation supervisor and geo tech flew over the upper Crane Creek area and have given the a-ok.  The Local State of Emergency and Evacuation Order has been rescinded.

It appears the cause of this debris flow was an avalanche with debris that came down sometime during the winter.  As the ice started to melt via rain & temperatures, the debris let go.

The flow has altered the flow of the creek particularly below the road.  In order to protect landowners in the area, a channel will need to be dug to accomodate the creek prior to the culvert which goes under the road being reopened.  So while the work to fix this will start tomorrow (Monday) it may take a few days to repair.  A Min. of Transportation hydrological engineer will be on site to make sure this goes properly.

Ryan Wainwright, the SLRD Emergency Manager will be back in the area tomorrow and will speak to residents on the other side of the slide which they were not able to get to today.

Of note, when they did the fly over today they had a look at some of the drainages in the area and they all look not too bad with no apparent blockages of a similar type.

Ryan Wainwright, the SLRD Emergency Manager made note that while losing some business as a result of this slide, the Tyax Wilderness Lodge has been very accomodating throughout.  So Thank You to the Tyax crew!!!!

I will update as I am advised.

Sunday, 2:30 pm

Saturday, June 23, 2012

State of Local Emergency declared at mudslide on Tyaughton Lake Rd.

A state of local emergency has been declared for a 100 metre radius around the mudslide on the Tyaughton Lake Road between Tyax Wilderness Lodge and Friburg Recreation site.  An evacuation order has been ordered and all residents in the area have been contacted and advised.

The mudslide came down early Saturday morning and cut a swath through the road along with distributing mud down a number of driveways of properties below the road.  Several properties have been damaged and damage to structures has occured, however the signficance of the damage is yet undetermined.

A fly over late this afternoon raised concerns in that the creek, up higher,  is flowing under a wall of dirt at this time.  There is concern that additional signficant rainfall, such as we had last night, might cause this debris and dirt to come down.

SLRD Emergency Staff and other emergency and geotechnical officials will take a detailed look on Sunday.  In addition staff will talk to and work with residents and their concerns.

Many thanks to Harvey Dubeck, Reg Dubeck and Steve Hall for their special efforts today with residents.

I will update this blog as information is available tomorrow.  There is a thunderstorm and fairly heavy rain spreading its way over Gun Lake and north/east towards Tyaughton Lake tonight.  Fingers crossed.

Call me anytime (250)238-2248.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Update: June 1, 2012

Fire Smart and the Bridge River Valley

In early April I had the opportunity to attend a tour of the Provincial Wildfire Centre, the Kamloops Zone Fire Centre and Logan Lake.  In Logan Lake we were toured around this small community to see the systematic way they have approached both Fire Smart principles on private property and fuel mitigation on crown and community owned property.  Logan Lake has been doing this work for over a decade.
When you drive around the Bridge River Valley it is readily obvious that many of our homes and businesses are directly in a wildfire interface zone or very close.  The fuel loading is heavy in our area.  Dead trees, thick underbrush, thick lower limbs on trees, trees close together and so on all contribute to fuel loading.
Through UBCM and the SLRD, I plan to access funding over the next number of years to systematically and strategically tackle fuel mitigation on areas that are crown land that interfaces with private property.  The province puts in between 75 and 90% (depending on project size) and local government needs to commit between 10 and 25%. 
This is only ½ the job however.  Fuel mitigation and basic Fire Smart-ing also needs to done on private property.  We are forming a valley-wide Fire Smart committee to develop a list of realistic actions to address hazards and then schedule the recommended activities to mitigate those hazards.  Needed are 1-2 people from each of the communities and neighborhoods to help build the Fire Smart action plan.  Everyone is welcome, but most particularly need representatives from Bralorne, Gold Bridge and Gun Creek Rd/Tyaughton Lake area. Currently two people from Gun Lake, one from Tyaughton Lake and one from Marshall Lake have volunteered.  Thank You!

This photo was taken in Logan Lake on Community owned land.  You can see the delimbing, thining & cleaning of undergrowth.
The meeting will be Thursday, June 14 at 6 pm at the Community Resource Building.  Ryan Wainwright, the Emergency Planning Manager will come and assist us through the process. Please call or email me if you have any questions.

Replacement of Bralorne Sewer System
Plan A - We want it to work!!!!!    Keep your fingers crossed!!!  Or if you pray, pray!  Whatever it takes lets hope it works!!!! 

You may be aware of the new intake of competition-based funding announced under the Federal GasTax Funding General Strategic Priorities (GSPF) and Innovations Fund (IF) programs administered by the Union of BC Municipalities. The purpose of the Gas Tax Funding is “to provide Local Governments with a source of stable, predictable and long-term funding towards environmentally sustainable municipal infrastructure to help them address their infrastructure needs and meet sustainabilityobjectives.”

The SLRD submitted a funding application by the May 31 deadline to the GSPF program for a capital project that will improve the sewer system in Bralorne. The existing system is nearly 90 years old and is in extreme need of repair/upgrade; existing piping is undersized, well beyond its lifespan and in poor condition. A study conducted recently by the engineering firm, TRUE Consulting Group, has indicated that catastrophic failures are imminent, posing significant health and environmental risks to the community.
Improving the sewer system in Bralorne is a key strategic priority for the SLRD that would have a lasting positive impact on the health, environment and economic sustainability of the community. Utilizing the latest innovations in energy efficient septic treatment, the upgraded system would result in improved wastewater quality and aquatic habitat. New sewer infrastructure would also improve the town’s ability to attract new businesses and residents, thereby stimulating the local economy.

Link to updated engineering study.  This study includes some of the history of how we got to this place.


Creation of Umbrella Society in the Bridge River Valley Continues

$5,000 from Area A Select Funds was granted to assist the Bridge River Valley Economic Development Society (BRVEDS) with the costs associated with the dissolution of the Bralorne-Bridge River Valley Community Association (BBRVCA) and transfer of assets from the BBRVCA to the BRVEDS.

The Bralorne. See for Yourself. (Bralorne Community Advisory) committee has been formed, undertaken strategic planning and has a terms of reference to guide its operation.  Going forward the Bridge River Valley Economic Development Society will provide support and expertise so that volunteer efforts can be focused on achieving important goals for the Bralorne Community Hall, the Ball Diamond and the Sunshine Ski Hill.    

Terms of Reference for the Bralorne Community Advisory Committee:

Investigative Licences granted to Wind and Run of River Locations

Wind Monitoring Tower Site Tenures have been granted by the provincial government  to Rupert Peace Power in Dash Creek, Lone Valley, Quartz Mountain, Big Sheep Mountain, Noel Creek and Goat Creek

Additionally,a Water Power Investigate Licence has been granted by the provincial government  to Ruper Peace Power Corp for the Hurley River.

Links to items with maps:

I am planning to do more detailed follow up on these as time permits, if you are interested in volunteering to do this followup on behalf of the community please let me know.  I'd appreciate the assistance.

Interested in What's going on in the Regional District as a whole?

This is a link to the May 2012 Update:

Did you know?  Its Tax Time!!!

The major revenue sources for regional district services include property taxes, parcel taxes and fees and charges.  In electoral areas, such as ours, regional district taxes are collected by the BC Ministry of Small Bussines and Revenue.  Each year, the regional district submits tax requisitions for each service to the Ministry through the Inspector of Municipalities.  The Ministry applies a rate agains assessed property values within each relevant service area to raise the revenue required.  Once collect, the revenues are paid to the regional district.

Your property tax notice will list a tax rate beside each of the listed services.  The amount owing is determined by multilying the tax rate by the property's assessed value.

If you have any questions about your tax notice please call me and I'll walk you through the part of your taxes that relate to the Regional District.