Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our Favorite Topic - Take A Survey (yes another one), Tell Ministry of Transportation what they need to do!!!!

The local government elections have come and gone and now the work continues with new ideas and new people.  I was pleased to see the election of incumbent Dir. Macri (Area B) as the Area C (Russell Mack) and Area D (Tony Rainbow) are both new, and if the Area B rep were new, that would have meant 3 newbies and me as Electoral Area directors!  Yikes.  I was also very pleased to see that the Lillooet community made choices in a Mayor (Marg Lampman) and Council that will bring a new look and feel to that community's public life.  This may be the beginning of  a new era of regional collaboration between our area, Lillooet, Area B and I hope our First Nations communities.  If we can accomplish this we will indeed become a force for advocacy and development in our region!!! Fingers crossed everyone, fingers crossed.

Finally, we know as I write this that four of the previous SLRD directors  will not be returning.  Mayor Rob Kirkham (Squamish), Dir. Susie Gimse (Area C) , Clr. Ted Craddock (Pemberton) and Dir. Maurice Frietag (Area D) have retired, moved on or fought the good fight and not made it.  I want to express my appreciation to these directors and their thoughtful work  and most particularly, for the enjoyable moments and the collegiality we have shared.  I have learned so much about so many things from each of you.  Thank you so much for your service to the SLRD!!!!!  

And finally on this front, how lucky we are to live in this country Canada, where the civility of people winning and losing elections is just that, civil, pleasant and honorable!!! When you feel like dissing all politicians, just observe the pleasantness of the losers in the media and on social media, it is totally remarkable.  We need to be proud of them and our system that encourages such a manner transitioning governments!!  (OK, off my soapbox now!)

Our Favorite Topic:  Roads

Just a note that I have followed up on the Hurley River Rd. survey with a lengthy analytic letter to MLA Tegart.  More to come (of course) on this front.  

BC on the Move: A Ten Year Transportation Plan
The Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure is in the process of consultation that will be considered as government develops the new 10 year plan.
You can take a survey to share your thoughts about transportation priorities between October 14, 2014 and December 12, 2014 at 4 p.m.
Concurrently, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will meet with key stakeholders, including First Nations, local governments, port and airport authorities and other community leaders, to talk about transportation issues that are important to them. Discussions will focus on opportunities for improvements to the transportation network that can help build healthy, sustainable communities and support jobs and families in a growing provincial economy.
Why wouldn't the Provincial Government want to invest in the access route leading here?  Property values increase, business increases, tax revenue increases!!!  Fix the Rd. 40 canyon, pave the whole road & repave Bralorne & Gold Bridge!!!!!!!!!
For me, there is no doubt the #1 road issue for our area that is a MOTi responsibility is Rd. 40 and the repaving of the streets in Bralorne and Gold Bridge.  For me secondly is the prescriptive standards and policy of both FLNRO & MOTi as it comes to road maintenance (and also between each other), it gets in the way of doing the right things in the right places for the right reasons.  Finally I support the upgrading of public transportation using a regional transit bus corridor between Kamloops - Lillooet - Sea-Sky Corridor as well as a solid upgrade to the Lillooet airport.
Our access routes to the upper Bridge River Valley are KEY barriers to progress in our area economically and as a community.  Please take the survey!!!

Off Road Vehicle Licencing possible Nov. 17

Nope Not me...him!!!

Have a read!!!

Gun Lake Fuel Mitigation Project

The first phase of the Gun Lake Fuel Mitigation is nearly complete.  They are now burning.
Next time you are by the south end of the lake has a look at the thinning & pruning that has gone on.  It really makes a difference.  I will be looking into whether SLRD can apply for 2nd phase this year or not.
Thanks Minto Communications for this photo!!!  The fire is the fuel mitigation work at the end of the lake. 

Gun Lake Community Watershed Application
As a result of the SLRD's advocacy and meeting with the Minister at UBCM, we have received a definitive response .  Unfortunately it was not the response we wanted, however after years of shuffling this application around, they have provided an answer.  

Letter from FLNRO re Gun Lake Community Watershed

Great contest opportunities:
#HometownProud contest, win Air Canada tickets.  This contest is ALL about showing and telling a story about your hometown.  Surely surely we have some of those great photos and stories from this area!!!       See this link explains it all:  http://hometownproud.fcm.ca/
If you enter, let us know so we can vote for you!!!!
Imagine BC  Imagine BC is an annual opportunity for residents of British Columbia to pitch an excellent, innovative and possibly untraditional idea to our jury. Successful pitches receive funding of up to $7,000. Winning ideas are those that address identified community needs or interests, such as volunteerism, small business development, digital literacy, community engagement, cultural programming, or local history.
Take a peek!    www.imaginebc.ca    If you have an idea get in touch with Jean Shaw at the Library or let me know!!!

Special thanks to Michelle Nortje that helped me fix some gremlins in this post.  Much appreciated!!! D.