Monday, June 25, 2012

UPDATE:  Monday, June 25 evening, Tyaughton Lake Rd. - Crane Creek Mudslide.

Thanks to Ryan Wainwright, SLRD Emergency Manager for spending the day in the area working with MOT staff and working with area residents.

Ryan advises that this mornings debris flow was not as big as the first one.  He indicates there is one more flow to come but it will be smaller than the first two.  It is anticipated that this last debris flow will go down the newly re-opened channel.

There is an MOT engineer on site and excavation of the creek channel below the road has begun.  The plan is to get the water diverted back into the original channel.  Estimated time of reopening Thursday or Friday. 

Local Tourism operators and Tyax Lodge have contacted guests and have made alternate arrangements to get them to their site.

Special acknowledgement today to Cliff Jennings who has called many of the residents of the neighborhood who live away.  Also thank you again to Steve Hall for his invaluable assistance - particularly being a kind & gentle shepherd to some of the engineers and so on working there.

While noone has lost their home, there are some residents that have a big mess of mud, rocks and debris on their beautiful properties.  SLRD staff are investigating information what is eligible & not for private landslide insurance, however it may come down to the community assisting these affected individuals clean up their properties.  More info to follow.

Please call me if you wish to discuss anything or ask any questions.  (250)238-2248 or

SLRD Press Release from this morning: