Monday, April 27, 2015

Updates for Gun Lake folks

Gun Lake Ratepayer's Association

Gun Lake Logging

For those of you interested in seeing what your fellow Gun Laker's said about the logging in the Gun Lake Watershed:    Click here for survey results.  Make sure you click on comments and have a read as they are the best part of the survey!
Photo courtesy Facebook page.

Links to Information:
Updated weekly information on logging:  Click Here

Gun Lake Communications - Maps, Site Plans, Meeting Notes


GLRALettertoAspenPlaners March29

Aspen Planers Commitments made at April 10 meeting

Many questions regarding logging trucks.  Logging will be continuing in the upper Bridge River Valley for some time to come.  Following the start of the current round of hauling, several complaints were made with the RCMP.  They followed up with the supervisors.  Since then (mid-March) all travellers on Lillooet-Pioneer Rd. 40 say that the drivers have been cautious and courteous.  That said if you do run into a problem I recommend reporting the details of the incident/situation to the RCMP.

SLRD Building Bylaws
That time of year is here when lots of building and planning for building happens.

The SLRD has had building bylaws in this area for a long time - over 40 years.

Last year, the Building Department put together a really easy to read brochure on Building Bylaws,
Click here to read it.

The newly revamped website is really easy to navigate as well.  The Building Department can be found at   It has a ton of very easily found information.  The SLRD Building Staff are awesome too, please don't hesitate to give them a call.

Litter around Gun Lake
Lakeview Rd. Beer tin at the bottom, spectacular Mt Penrose at top.

You have probably seen the two weeks of Pitch-In in the Bridge River Valley.  The events are designed, at their core, to have litter picked up.

We have an increasing problem with beer tins in particular thrown out of vehicles around Gun Lake.  Volunteers...Michelle Nortje, The James Gang, Lesley O'Keefe and Merle Hoch have done the entire west side of the lake, down to Little Gun and around to Hess Road and along Hess Road.

photo taken just metres from the one above

The entire east and north end of the lake has not been done.  If you want to help out I can get you yellow bags so you don't pay tipping fees and you can do a section of road ANYTIME!!!  Just drop me a line or the Community Resource Building (they have the yellow bags),

This beautiful place will thank you!!!