Top 7 Areas of Strategic Concern - Area A (Bridge River Valley) Updated 2016

Area A – Top Areas of Strategic Concern

       Develop a sustainable –effective method to maintain the physical plant of community /SLRD owned assets and support the process of revitalization of certain assets (priority order)

a)      Bralorne – Pioneer Museum (replace/relocate,intial current feasibility study done)  Update 2015:  Museum is moving to a temporary facility & funding obtained to analyze permanent location..  Update 2016:   NDIT Feasibility Study is completed, community organizations considering.  This is the #1 infrastructure need now that Bralorne Sewer is funded.

b)      Bralorne Community Hall (revitalize, feasibility study needed)  Update 2015:  Heritage Structure Report completed, currently analyzing a new heating source, then upgrades will be sought. Update 2016: A Hazardous Waste study will be undertaken & local volunteers are working on assessment for heating options, needed prior to undertaking complete package of upgrades.   #2 infrastructure priority.

c)        Haylmore Site (complete site, strategy for use needed)  Update 2015:  BRVCA used this site as a Tourism Info Booth last summer and local artisans sold product from the location.  Plans are currently underway for upgrade of Haylmore’s house, stage and installation of solar power.
Update 2016:

d)        Community Resource Building (Gold Bridge) (revitalization, feasibility study needed, maintenance)  Update: 2015.  This is a todo.  Update 2016:  Looking to replace oil furnace with electric furnace that is currently owned, and remove oil tank. Still need a feasibility study on what is needed to revitalize this heritage house.

e)      Cemetary (revitalization project grant $’s, more effective maintenance
Update 2015:  Maintenance not an issue thanks to the Asset Preservation Bylaw.  We need to get the cemetery completely digitized and develop a revitalization plan. Update 2016:  With the assistance of the SLRD, all the plots in the cemetery were GPS’d last year & have been entered into the SLRD’s GIS system.  This year we need to find the method to display this information, and provide back links the other digitized information.  Revitalization infrastructure plan still needs to be done (incl. fence).

f)       Boultbee Memorial Church .  Update 2015 This facility is in good shape.  Need policies for operation, plumbing is a problem which will require fixing (again) and exploration of sustainable heating needs to occur.  Update 2016: SLRD funded operational plan will be done in 2016. Plumbing issue has been resolved.

g)      Trails in Area A  Update 2015:  A solid committee has formed and is currently pursuing project funds for Trails inventory after which FLNRO Rec Sites & Trails is prepared to legally establish (57 trails).  Trails currently being administered by locals on Trailforks.  Some maintenance funding provided by Asset Preservation Bylaw.   Update 2016:  The BRVCA Trails committee continues to work with RS&T and the upper St’at’imc to develop a trails partnership agreement.  Until that is in place, work will only take place on legal trails in area.  There may also be an opportunity to revitalize the MacGillivray Pass Trail which would be 1)an recreational amenity and 2)a tie in to the history/heritage of the area.

h)     Gold Bridge Water and Bralorne Water – Continued work on the tax requisition side of these services is necessary to ensure the services are sustainable and adequate levels of reserves are accumulated for major repairs/replacement. 

i)       Bralorne Sewer Upgrades & Complete Communication/Information 
                                                             i.      Inform community about projects/timelines/etc
                                                           ii.      Complete projects in priority order with particular view to safety
UPDATE 2015:     Issues in 2014 with crushed outfall has brought this to attention of MOE and permit may be examined. Bralorne Water completed in 2015.
UPDATE 2016:     Another funding application has been made for Gas Tax Funds.  As of this writing, no known outcome of this.   This funding application was funded!  It will be a three year timeline to complete.  Following this it may be necessary to adjust tax requisition here to ensure appropriate levels of reserves are built for replacement many years into the future.

j)       Gold Bridge Entry Sign (maintenance – there is none now)  Maintenance issue resolved by Asset Amenity Preservation bylaw.  COMPLETED 2015.

   Support and resource community economic development and population growth initiatives  to ensure area maintains sustainable levels of population & economic activity
i.                    Tourism Development (product development)
ii.                  Tourism Marketing Plan  Update 2016: Community Tourism Foundations Plan completed in 2016, BRVCA currently actioning priorities
iii.                Other Community Ec. Dev.Update 2016: 
iv.                Housing /Inventory Study
v.                  Recruitment Strategy for BRV (incl. maximizing potential of non-resident pt. property owners)
vi.                Wayfinding and other Signage Updates and Program  Update 2016:  Between SLRD & BRVCA work occurred in summer 2015 to start to identify improperly identified road names.  This work needs to continue.

     Roads, roads, roads!!!
This priority was not on my 2012 document.  I had NO IDEA how much time  it would take dealing with maintenance/snow  removal issues on the Hurley FSR. I also had no idea how much time  advocacy for road and safety improvements on Rd. 40 would take.  And, yet ACCESS to the Bridge River Valley is a major obstacle  to the development of our economy and community.
a.      Continue lobbying for appropriate levels of maintenance of the Hurley FSR with the goal to establishing a long term, stable funding level.
            UPDATE 2016:  While the situation has stablized with the entire main Hurley turning into FSR, the budget is still not adequate to look after routine maintenance, spring opening AND surfacing.  
b.      Continue lobbying for appropriate levels of road bed improvements (including paving) and safety measures on Rd. 40, particularly in the Antoine Bluff’s area. 
             UPDATE 2016:  A request was submitted by myself in conjunction with the Economic Development Committee (BRVCA) to have GoldBridge & Bralorne roads repaved, along with Rd. 40 from 17kms east of Tyaughton Lake Rd. into Gold Bridge

     Heritage Asset Restoration & Preservation, Development and Sustainability
      This is another priority that was not on my original 2012 list however this has surfaced as a very important community/economic development & sustainability topic.  Many aspects of this item are covered in the other points on this document.
      Additional items that can protect these assets & ensure long term sustainability are:
1.      Development of a Heritage Plan – possibly attached to the area OCP as a sub-plan
2.      Establishment of a Heritage Register

    Support the implementation of an umbrella organizational model  for the area:
a.      To more effectively deliver area wide services to the BRV including potentially SLRD service areas thru contract
b.      To provide enough economies of scale to provide professional management to areas of community interest and to support volunteer advisory and implementation capacity
                                                              i.      Heritage
                                                           ii.      Economic and Community Development
                                                         iii.      Outdoor – Recreational
                                                          iv.      Emergency Planning & Fire Services
c.       Build Organizational Knowledge, Capacity and Accountability
                                                              i.      Non Profit Board Training Annually (set benchmark for Board members to be trained prior to receiving any SLRD funding, at any one time 20% of board trained within past 5 years?)
                                                           ii.      Ensure greater accountability by current non-profits to SLRD for funding by following up on reporting (and/or setting reporting standards for future grants/tax requisitions)  Update 2015:  Policy passed late 2015, probably needs to go further, but good enough for a year.

Update 2015:  Progress has been made on this priority.  BRVCA now has a Heritage, Economic Development and Trails Committee.  Organizational capacity has improved however still has a long ways to go.  Labor market is a challenge for staffing.

         Forestry in the BRV
a.   Support neighborhoods, communities and individual property owners in working with licencees within current FRPA context
b.  Lobby and advocate changes to the current Forest Range & Practices Act which provides a regulated role for the community in planning and operationalize of forestry
c.   Support Tourism and other resource based industries in seeking a balanced approach to land use.

       Emergency Planning and Fire Services
a.      specific emergency plan for this area which reflects the nature of the area (remote/backcountry/distance from responders etc).
b.      some form (Part time, contract?)“valley-wide” coordination of emergency and fire services & plan  Update 2015:  This is being partly accomplished through the Fire Services Coordinator. 
      Update 2016:  Actioning Fire Services review continues, more information/consultation in 2016.
c.       emergency plan  or other method needs to provide information/protocols to         outside emergency responders so precious time is not wasted on “teaching” responders about the area (maps, local resources, nature of area, etc)
d.      emergency plan needs to provide for training for local providers of protocols for various types of emergency situations
e.      within valley communication in emergencies is a real issue (no cell service), need to figure that one out

   Fuel Mitigation Projects – MOF – Gun Lake/Tyaughton Lake/Marshall Lake
a.      Review initial planning document (MOF) with stakeholders
c.       Undertake at least one project in 3 years
b.    Review & undertake at least one project in 3 years (completed 2014)

Update 2015:  Successful in one project being completed.  Continues to be of concern, not sure if funding will continue to be available, if not, may have to take a different direction to accomplish.

Update 2016:  SLRD has received notice they have received funding for a 2nd fuel mitigation project around Gun Lake.