Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 11 - Wildfire Situation in Bridge River Valley

Latest news: 2:30 pm, Aug 11. WMB had a helicopter bucketing out of Little Gun Lake for fire K70582 (east of Downton-Lajoie BR. 2) and out of Gun Lake for fire K70589 (Northwest of Gun Lake, south of Slim Creek). Both fires are now in mop-up.

August 11

K70582 – North of Downton FSR

One Initial Attack Crew is on site, estimated at 0.1of a hectare, burning rank 2 (little or no spread, but has open flame)  Burning in brush and heavy timber.  Crews have requested an additional 5 pack and a heli to support.


K70578 – Mount Williams

Rap Crew deployed this morning, fire is 10ft x 10ft, and just smouldering.  Will be on site to extinguish today.


K70567 – Kingdom Lake

Spot sized lightning fire, 5 firefighters on site working to extinguish today.


K70556 – 19km Highline Road

Air tankers are on site already this morning.  Fire is estimated at 1.2 hectares, burning rank 2, minimal spread.  1 helicopter and 10 firefighters are working the blaze.



A mudslide across the Truax Road this morning, has closed access to the fire.  We are flying the 18 firefighters to the site, and working on re-establishing road access.  The fire did take rain last night, but smoke is still visible from the smouldering ground fire.  The fire is now GPS’d at 8 hectares (was estimated at 12).

August 8
This is a 12 h - Category 3 (fairly intense) fire. It is currently being actioned by 1 Air Tanker & 2 more are on their way. This fire has been assigned a Fire Info Officer & as I get information I will share with you. I will also put this info on my blog, shortly.

Sal and I went out on the Lake and you can definitely see smoke in this area and also could see the air tanker auctioning.
I will update this blog as information becomes available & if needed!