Sunday, July 21, 2013

GUN LAKERS: IMPORTANT - Douglas Fir Beetle attacking the trees


Bruce Morrow is the fellow who has been contracted to develop the prescription for Fuel Mitigation around Gun Lake and in the Gold Bridge area.  The prescription is needed before SLRD applies for the project $ to actually do the mitigation work (probably around $200k).

He attended the Gun Lake Ratepayer’s meeting on May long weekend (If you were at it).  You will see his initial report on my latest post on my blog   

It is very important that you read his letter at the link below.  While I am just headed for a vacation I will be working on this to get more information to you and more resources if required.  This is a very serious development and I really ask that you read what he has found.  He stopped by this past week for a beer with Sal and I and told us his findings, which you will read.  When I know when Bruce is coming back I’ll try and arrange and informal/on the ground meeting in an affected area so you can see,

Please email or give me a call with your thoughts concerns.  ALSO please print out his letter and pass on to neighbors around Gun Lake that may not be on my email list etc.  If you have a website/facebook page posting would be much appreciated.  Lets get the word out and try and slow the move of this Douglas Fir Beetle.  

Please Read this:
July 21 info from Bruce Morrow

As many of you know SLRD received funding to undertake a fuel prescription plan for this area.  The first phase of that is complete.  Report Here. Bruce's findings above may change this in that if his initial prescription was to take out the understory/thin etc, if the mature trees are going to be attacked by Douglas Fir Beetle and they have taken out the understory.....that leaves 0 trees.  

Please read this information and be informed.  Print out and pass on to neighbors.  The report will be available at the Gun Lake Ratepayers Picnic as well.