Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Few Gun Lake Items

As I sit here it is October 18 and it is just snowing like crazy!  So much for fall, maybe it will come back.

Below are a few Gun Lake Items for your attention.

Transportation Use Application - Gun Lake
This application is to create a public road on a landlocked piece of property.

All the documentation is at this link:

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments and I'll try to get them answered.

Forest Health Issues

I have placed a number of 2016 assessment maps related to Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) or
Douglas Fir Bark Beetle (DFB).

I encourage you to look at the map titled DFB_haz_Gun at the link as an example.  This maps shows the susceptibility - the greater the redder.  Then you will see green dots with numbers beside them, those show current attacks.  If the green dots are near or in a red/deep red area you can be assured the tree kill will be very efficient in these areas.   If those dots show your property you need to do something to stop the spread of Douglas Fir Bark Beetle.

Here is a link to my previous post on the topic:

There is an excellent pheromone treatment which some of us have been using that has proven effective if you get them out at the right time.  Last year we ordered 1132 packets.  Depending on the 2017 results I will advise where/how you can order them.

The FLNRO Forest Health people will have some updated maps for us by Christmas (fires slowed them down this year, as with everything).

Noise and Litter on/around Gun Lake this summer

This summer I had an unprecedented number of complaints from Gun Lake property owners regarding noise from boats in the middle of the night, litter in the water, noise from other properties.
Gun Lake property owners are generally pretty tolerant bunch...been there and had the parties too...however this year seemed to come with a different level of issues.

I have put this survey together to judge the degree of the issue, where people thinks the issues (if there are issues) stem from and how they think they should be dealt with.  Please answer honestly and your name is not needed.