Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Have your say!!! Meetings & input opportunities

Tyax Resort Heli-House Rezoning - Public Hearing May 19

Tyax application page

The meeting will be Thursday, May 19 @ 6 PM.  You have an option to teleconference in.

Meeting Notice:

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Fire Services Delivery Public Consultation Meetings: June 12

This is a very important meeting to attend.  Areas other than Gun Lake and Bralorne, take your pick of which meeting to attend. 

The Fire Services Review was finalized in 2013, and we will update you on the work done to begin implementing some of the recommendations made in the Review.

The SLRD’s Emergency Manager will outline various options for the potential restructuring of each community’s volunteer fire departments and protective services, based on the recommendations received in the Fire Services Review.

If you’re unable to attend, or don’t plan on being in the region on that weekend, we will record the meetings, and post the presentation and recording to our website, so you can fill out the survey and provide your feedback on your preferred approach moving forward.

As your elected representative I need you to understand Fire Services delivery in today's terms and provide your input so I can assess how property owners throughout Area A want the SLRD to go.  If you don't attend and have no input please do not complain later about decisions and their implications to your tax bill and the services that are provided.  

Read all the background and information here:

Last Chance for Input!   South Chilcotin Mountains Park and other area parks - Final Draft Management Plans

·    The final draft plans are now available for public review before moving forward in the approval process for these parks:
           South Chilcotin Mountains
·         Big Creek
·         Gwyneth Lake
·         Bridge River Delta
·         Yalakom
·         Fred Antoine

 Input from the public review of the first draft management plans were assessed and changes made where appropriate. Thank you for your interest in the future management of these parks. The final draft plans are available for public comment until May 22, 2016 on the BC Parks website at:

Community Paramedicine Program announced for Province and our Area

73 rural and remote B.C. communities that will welcome community paramedicine, a program that offers residents enhanced health services from paramedics, our area being one of those 73.  I think this is a very positive step for our area.

Under this program, paramedics will provide basic health-care services, within their scope of practice, in partnership with local health-care providers. The enhanced role is not intended to replace care provided by health professionals such as nurses, but rather to complement and support the work these important professionals do each day, delivered in non-urgent settings, in patients' homes or in the community.

Community paramedicine broadens the traditional focus of paramedics on pre-hospital emergency care to include disease prevention, health promotion and basic health-care services. This means a paramedic will visit rural patients in their home or community, perform assessments requested by the referring health-care professional, and record their findings to be included in the patient's file. They will also be able to teach skills such as CPR at community clinics.

At least 80 new full-time equivalent positions will support the implementation of community paramedicine, as well as augment emergency response capabilities. Positions will be posted across the regional health authorities. The selection, orientation and placement process is expected to take about four months.

Community paramedics are expected to be delivering community health services in northern B.C. this fall, in the Interior in early 2017, on Vancouver Island and the Vancouver coastal area in the spring of 2017.

Great information at this link: