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Tyaughton Lake/Gun Creek Rd. : Two Issues

No Firearms Discharge Bylaw

Updated:  June 16, 2016
Based on input from residents, the original proposed map has been modified.
These  original buffers were 800m around the habituated areas on Gun Creek Road, as well as 800m around Tyaughton Lake. Using the input, the staff have extended the buffer along the unnamed Tyaughton Lake Road on the easterly portion of the lake. The buffer follows this road and then extends up and around the northerly end of the lake, encapsulating the Tyax resort parcels. For clarity the staff have refined the polygon to be one solid area now instead of the two individual overlapping buffers. As for a map title please note this is temporarily labeled it as "Schedule X"

Here is the revised updated map:

Please get back to me directly at (or call me) by July 15 with any further input or comments.


This fall residents in the Tyaughton Lake and Gun Creek Rd. had repeated issues with firearms discharges in the very immediate vicinity of their properties.  These incidents involved a variety of circumstances including illegal hunting practices.

I have had several requests from residents of both Tyaughton Lake and Gun Creek Rd. to extend the current Area A No Firearms Discharge Bylaw.    While, in the case of hunting, there is a mechanism to report the offence, the addition of a local government bylaw allows an additional level of safety to residents, by saying no discharge of firearms.  

Residents could submit a complaint to the SLRD staff, the bylaw enforcement officer would investigate and a fine or ticket could be issued.

Have a read of these links:
Current No Firearms Discharge Bylaw  You will note that there are a number of exemptions and permissions.  The fines are a minimum of $500/day.  Area D (Rural Squamish/Whistler, Britannia Beach) also have a No Firearms Discharge Bylaw.

Map of proposed boundary around Tyaughton Lake & Gun Creek Rd.   The boundary is basically 800 m from the back property line.  This is proposed and could be changed, but is judged to be safe distance from private property.

I have put together a little survey to get your opinion on this.  You can also send me an email or call me.  Click here to do the survey:

Tyax Resort submits new application that requires an OCP Amendment and Rezoning

Tyax Real Estate originally applied to rezone the main lodge property (now subject to this application) and another property down the street (Lot 5, DL 4931, Plan KAP67637, LLD) for staff accommodation purposes in spring 2014. That application was brought forward to both the EAD and the Board.  As the application proceeded, it was amended to apply to one parcel only – Lot 5, located to the west and south of the main lodge site.  The OCP and Zoning amendment bylaws associated with Lot 5 were adopted in July 2014.  

The SLRD has now received an application for a rezoning and OCP amendment regarding the Tyax Lodge property noted above.  A portion of that lot (Site A) as shown in the maps in Appendix 1 is where the main lodge and proposed facilities are located.  The amendment application requests a zoning amendment to allow a facility that would jointly house staff accommodation and helicopter operations uses.  A dormitory style building is proposed for the main Tyax Lodge property along with office and storage uses related to the helicopter operations at Site A.   

You can read the full report/maps etc here: 

This report will go to the SLRD Board meeting January 27 requesting direction to the staff to prepare the OCP amendment and zoning documents.   If this is the direction given by the board, those documents would likely come back to the board in February or March for 1st Reading.  Following that there would be an official opportunity for input (letters, public hearing etc.)

I am providing the residents of the area advance notice and an opportunity to email or phone me with your thoughts on this.  My email is or (250)238-2248.

Posts on my blog from previous OCP/Rezoning applications from Tyax Resort: