Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tyax Wilderness Resort Rezoning & Other Items

REZONING:  Tyax Wilderness Resort
First & second reading were given by SLRD Board on May 26.  Tyax has put up notification signs.
Unofficially, the public hearing will be held on July 3.  Notices etc. will be out shortly.

Here is the information on the current rezoning:   Tyax Wilderness Resort Rezoning - information link

At the same time (July 3) will be a public hearing for some housekkeeping changes to the Area A Zoning Bylaws.  Link to that information is at:   Area A Zoning Bylaw Changes

OCP Change & Rezoning:  Gun Lake - Kier Property
The staff have been directed to prepare the bylaws on this one.
Link to Information:   Kier Property Information

Gun Lake West Rec Site Campground - Douglas Fir Bark Beetles Infested Trees
It was brought to my attention that there are several trees (probably more now) infected by Douglas Fir Bark Beetle in the campground on Gun Lake.  Neighbors were concerned because these beetles could fly and infect/kill trees on their property.

I followed up first with the Rec Site & Trails Technician for the area, was not satisfied with his response so went to his manager.  Here is the response:

"From talking to Bruce Morrow, this is the situation with the large dead fir at Gun Lake West:
-          The trees are infested with fir bark beetle but there many more trees in the area similarly infested. Treating these 4 trees to kill the bark beetle would not have a significant impact on the population of bark beetle in the area.
-          The fir bark beetle flight is expected to happen in July. The infestation has been erratic, and its spread is unpredictable. It is very strange that the beetles attacked such large old trees with thick bark.
-          The dead trees will become danger trees, mainly because of the huge branches. Bruce confirmed that addressing this issue will be complicated and expensive, and require a high level of expertise.

So we have a serious but not an urgent issue to deal with. Ed will be back to work later this work; I will touch base with him and we will look at the options available to us. I would appreciate if you could keep us informed of other forest management work taking place in the area."

In other words they are in no hurry to do anything at this Rec Site.  I have followed up with him and he now advises (May27) that he will send out someone to have a look.  I also put him together with the Entomologist.    If you are not happy with this response and feel there should be a higher priority response here is the contact info:

Bruce Petch
Regional Manager
Recreation Sites and Trails BC
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
3rd Floor, 441 Columbia Street, Kamloops BC V2C 2T3
tel. 250-828-4441

Douglas Fir Bark Beetle Infested Trees
Links to previous information shared

Gun Lake Ratepayers Assoc. has also done some homework with the Regional Entomologist, Lorraine MacLaughlin on this and has provided some excellent information at: