Sunday, August 26, 2012


Thank you to the Lillooet Fire Zone Office - Verne Rasmussen for this update.

The purpose of this note is to advise you of our considerations for a small fire above the community of Bralorne.  The fire was started by lightning a number of days ago.  With the continued drying the fire has perked up putting up smoke.  Approx size is 20 x20 m (0.05 ha) burning decadent balsam/ spruce and deciduous.  Fire is located at an elevation of 1850 M (6100 feet).   Currently we have a few options to consider for this incident.  These are full response (which means moving in  crews with resources) or a modified response (which means that the fire is to monitored for a period of time).

At this moment, the decision is to monitor this fire for a period of time till the local weather brings significant changes. Our hopes are that the weather in the next few days will bring increased precipitation, relative humidities and cooler temperatures.  If this incident shows the potential of any significant growth towards the community of Bralorne and the adjacent values , a decision to consider a full response plan will be activated.

As mentioned, we will be monitoring this incident daily.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Lillooet Fire Zone (250 256 1400) or the Kamloops Fire Centre (250 554 5500).