Sunday, January 12, 2020

My Bralorne Support as Area A Director 2012-2018

It was my honor and pleasure to support the unique community of Bralorne in surviving and thriving.
In doing so, my belief is and was that Bralorne's success will contribute to the entire valley staying on its feet as a community.

I asked myself how I can demonstrate that support that I provided between 2012-2018 in a factual way.

I decided to look at funding that I played a role in getting for Bralorne or funding that I actually gave through SLRD Select Funds.  So here is a list from 2012-2018, probably not everything but this will give you an idea.  The total of direct funding in this list is $2,120,074.

Please note that unless otherwise indicated the funding is Area A Select Funds – Grants in Aide.

Bralorne Sewer Project - $1,999,530
The Bralorne Sewer was close to 100 years old.  Unfortunately options such as septic are not possible in the two Bralorne town sites because of the lot sizes.  The system, after a study, was shown to have many leaks in the collections system and there was no secondary treatment.  The Ministry of Environment was well aware of the situation and had let the SLRD know that the system had to be addressed sometime within the next few years.  If it had a major break happen or MOE laid down an ultimatum it could have spelled real problems for Bralorne and the ability to live in it.   
There had been 3 applications to infrastructure funding over 20 years (Federal/Provincial) that were turned down.  I decided to read them all and I soon realized that the description of Bralorne and its potential was part of the problem.  Some of the applications actually had in there the town was dying!  Working with the SLRD grant writer we focused on some of the positives and potential of Bralorne and finally the Federal/Provincial infrastructure application was funded…for $1,999,530
Bralorne Sewer Project Financial Support to Alleviate Tax Burden
Just before I finished my term, I sought and received SLRD Board support for up to $60,000 per year from the Northern Payment in Lieu of Taxes funding to offset the tax burden that I knew Bralorne property owners were going to have because of the project.  We knew that the tenders were coming in higher than the funding, and that there woiuld have to be borrowing and the taxpayers would have to pay for that.  The up to $60,000 per year for 2019, 2020, 2021 was meant to help in any way we could to offset the financial burden.  

Bralorne Sewer Service and Bralorne Water Service Top Ups from the Northern PILT Fund
The Bralorne Sewer and Water Services had been running in or close to a deficit for a number of years.  The services had not built nearly enough reserve funds to cover major issues or replacement as everyone knew was needed.
Bralorne Water – In 2016 and 2018, I had a total of $8,500 transferred to the Bralorne Water Service from the Northern Payment-In-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILT) funds to support the Bralorne Water service staying out of deficit and starting to build a more substantive reserve.
Bralorne Sewer – In each year from 2016 on, I had $5,000 transferred to the Bralorne Sewer Service from the Northern PILT funds to support the operations and try to build a bigger and more appropriate reserve fund.
The Northern PILT funds are non-taxation based (BC Hydro) and I also supported the Gold Bridge Water Service in a similar manner.

Expansion of Sunshine Mountain Recreation Tenure (now known as Bralorne Recreation Area)
Feasibility Plan and Tenure Applications (2013)– Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition $46,000, Area A Select Funds – Grant In Aide $5000
Redo/Revise Feasibility Plan & Tenure Documents (2017)  $2214
Redo the application to reflect a Rec Sites and Trails tenure (2018) $5,000

Bralorne Hall
The condition of the Bralorne Hall was a big concern to people in Bralorne and remains so.  To facilitate moving forward with the necessary studies and so on to apply for funding to fix it I funded the following:
·         Undertook a Historic Heritage Study – $5000

·         Undertook a Hazardous Materials – high level identification study - $2,800

·         Structural Engineers Report - Completed August 2018  - $4200
       And additionally:
·          Emergency repairs to doors, roof, support mechanisms - $3,000
·          Grading around the Hall (2014) $546

Bralorne Ball Diamond

Bleacher and Cookshack Repairs (2018) –- $7569.50
Ball Diamond Fencing Project (2017) – 30% of NDIT project - $1,200
Ball Tournament Coordinator (2017)  $1000
Ball Tournament Coordinator (2015)  $2,200
Ball Tournament General Funding (2014)  $1000
Ball Tournament General Funding (2012)   $ 814

Bralorne Hall, Bralorne Ball Diamond, Sunshine Recreation Area (2016) Insurance Support - $4,000
Bralorne Hall, Bralorne Ball Diamond, Sunshine Recreation Area (2012) Insurance Support - $3,200

Bralorne TV
Dissolution Costs of Society (2016) $400

Bralorne Church
Conservation, Inventory and Operations Plan (2014 )  $5000
Church Repairs (Hot water tank) (2014)  $600

This list does not include
1)the support that has occurred via the Asset Amenity Preservation Tax Requisition (SLRD funding which I initiated and guided through)  which has been in effect for 3 years now (since 2016) – expenditures in the Bralorne area include:
Yearly Insurance Support of Bralorne Hall, Bralorne Ball Tournament, Sunshine Mountain Tenure area – varies
Yearly Groundskeeping Support – Bralorne Ball Diamond, Bralorne Hall, Bralorne Fire Hall
Purchase and repairs of a ride on lawnmower – primarily for use at Bralorne Ball Diamond
Repeated plumbing repairs (mainly fixing pipes/hot water tanks) – Bralorne Church
And there are many more.

2) Wayfinding Signage Program – NDIT/SLRD funded - $42,000 (initiated by me) – to be completed by June 30/2020
- Bralorne Entry Sign – 4x8 Sign and Timber Frame
- Bralorne Museum, Bralorne Church and Bralorne Ball Diamond 2x4 Signs and Timber frame frames
- 4 Interpretive 24/24 double timber frame post interpretive signs in key Bralorne locations
-10 interpretive 8x11 single timber frame post interpretive signs at the Old Museum Park Mining Equipment Walk way

3) Tourism Marketing Projects and Materials.  Bralorne and Bralorne businesses/organizations have been prominently covered in many tourism marketing videos, visitors guide, kiosks, etc.  Funding includes grants in aides, NDIT funding and so on all of which I either was directly or very supportive of.
Specifically some examples where Bralorne, Bralorne business/organizations and life are prominently featured in:
-winter and summer marketing video
-Live Where you Play Video
-Blake Jorgenson marketing photo project
-Gateway Entry Kiosks
-Visitor Guides 2014, 2016 and 2019

4) Bralorne Pioneer Museum
While the Museum is a huge asset and draw and promoter of Bralorne and its heritage, I have not included in the count of funding because it is a “valley-wide” museum.    Its mission statement and collection reflect this but there is no doubt it is important to the sustainability of Bralorne as a community.  Major work and funding has gone into finding, securing and renovating a new location for the Bralorne Pioneer Museum at the Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office building.