Wednesday, May 16, 2018

May Long Weekend and more

As we move into May long weekend and all the fun we are going to have, I just want to highlight the danger at our doorsteps.

The Wildfire Branch and their weather folks are forecasting another hot dry difficult fire season....I hope they are wrong, I really do.  The expression goes though - plan for the worst, hope for the best.

What can you do to help?
1. Be alert for smoke and other signs of fire and PHONE THEM IN to 
1 800 663-5555  Don't second guess yourself, just do it!  If you hear thunder and see lightening, keep an eye on that area. Post this number by your phone.  

2. Be Careful with your own fires and go over the top in putting them out.

3. Firesmart your property.  If you haven't done any Fire Smarting, just start. There is a really good website, that can help you.  There is also a very good Firesmart Manual which you can get at the Community Resource Centre in Gold Bridge. As this graphic says, if you wait, you may be too late.

Survey - Road 40, Air BnB, etc.

There are a number of issues out there right now that I'd like to guage your opinions on.  Your replies are confidential but I will produce a report from the survey.  

This is the link to the Survey:

Local Government Elections

As mentioned in previous posts, we need a NEW Regional District Director this fall.  I am retiring!

If you think you "might" be interested please see my previous posts here:

There are big changes in place for how you can vote and when you can vote this time.  
Everyone will be able to participate - full time, part time, etc.

Election is October 20.
Advance poll is in Gold Bridge on October 10
2nd Advance Poll is at the SLRD office in Pemberton October 15
AND there will be a mail in ballot for non-resident property owners, disabled and a couple of other categories.
Please note that non-resident property owners can and have always been able to vote in local government elections.

Many details are forthcoming but the message is everyone can participate.  Now we need two people to step up and run!