Friday, March 10, 2017

And the survey says!!

Sledding on the Hurley Survey Results

Please see my previous post for full explanation:

Here are the results of the survey:

Several comments about the E.(East) Hurley FSR.  The E. Hurley from the turnoff to the steel bridge is actually an unmaintained PUBLIC road not an FSR.  Which means in terms of sledding, you will need an operation permit issued by the RCMP in order to legally be on it with a sled.  I will be meeting with the new Area Manager for Ministry of Transportation when they are in their position to see if we can get them to provide some designations for the E. Hurley. Unfortunately we would still need operations permits for the operation of sleds on it.  Here is the link to the information on this:

I am going to be working with the Bridge River Valley Snowmobile Club and other interests to come up with a shared BRV point of view on the Hurley matter and will get back to everyone on it.

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Do you feel safe in your community survey?

Very interesting responses.  Have a read.  I had to redact one comment as it mentioned specific people and situation.  Interesting comments on Road 40.

Survey responses:

I have been and will be following up with the RCMP to confirm their plans for this summer. It is my understanding that they plan some increased presence in our area.

You might be interested in the RCMP stats for Area A for 2016:


  1. We feel very safe in the Gun Lake area and find that all of our neighbours are friendly. We are weekenders and have had occasional calls from neighbours to advise us of a gate left open or other small problems. It is nice to know they are looking out for us and the community. We really appreciate this friendly attitude. We help each other which is how it should be. Thank you. We feel so grateful to be able to enjoy this wonderful place!

  2. Everyone should consider their vote and should understand the facts and figures of the elections too. Don't vote blindly and vote for the betterment of the world.