Friday, July 4, 2014

Initial Attack Crew stationed in the upper Bridge River Valley

Thanks to Verne Rasmussen for providing this Initial Attack Crew & related information, much appreciated by our community!

"With the increased fire danger rating I have now moved an Initial Attack Fire Crew to the Gold Bridge area.  We have secured accommodations in the Bralorne.  I will be rotating crews on a weekly basis.
Unless the weather changes significantly the crew will be stationed in the area till August 30th.  Their duties will be to respond to any fire that may occur plus regular traveling through the area to visit industrial operations and understand the lay of the land, to understand the available resources in the area....communicating FireSmart and greet the locals.  Feel free to sit down and have a discussion with my crews  about their roles.  All crews carry a diverse assortment of skills and experience.

For emergency communications it is still expected to follow the understood protocol.

  1. All wildfires are to be reported immediately using the 1800 663 5555.  This activates are system from the provincial level down to regional down to the zone to the crew.  This ensures all the appropriate resources are notified.  Failure to report a fire is an offence under the Wildfire Act.

I have also activated our Fire Wardens so you will see my Wardens in your area on a regular basis.  Currently these patrols will be a weekend patrol till the hazard changes.  Again their role is to patrol my high use /high risk areas. To ensure the campers out there are using fire appropriately, to communicate information and prevention tips, to extinguish abandoned campfires, to report these campfires, to gather information for the zone to generate violation reports to Compliance and Enforcement staff, and to again report all fires to dispatch immediately if further resources are required.  Feel free to meet and have a chat with the wardens as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience and probably a few good stories as well.

I have attached for your awareness an initial phone report and initial fire report that our 1 800 # and dispatchers use to relay info to fire officers and fire crews about a reported fire.  This info enables us to make a better informed decision on how we will resource a fire.  More info the better.

If you require more information or have any questions feel free to contact me at your convenience.  Enjoy your summer.  And remember put your campfire out when finished ."

Verne Rasmussen
Wildfire Management Branch
Forest Protection Officer
Lillooet Fire Zone  
Office 250 256 1400
Local 250 256 1401
Cell 250 256 1871
Fax 250 256 4367