Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time to Deal with Trees and Our Favorite Topic.....

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  If you are coming to the Bridge River Valley, don't forget to stop by the Gold Bridge Community Club on Sunday at 10 am for Pancake Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt, followed by the Haylmore site cleanup and a Community Garden organizing meeting.  - Debbie

Time to deal with fir infected with Douglas Fir Bark Beetle
If you have a property on Gun Lake and haven't read some of my previous posts on the Douglas Fir Bark Beetle and its spread in our area, please see this link:


The time is now to cut down and either burn, discard in the transfer station or remove the bark.  This beetle will be flying in May and will infect other fir trees within 8-10 feet.  Once in, your tree or your neighbor's tree is dead, it's over!

Our favorite Topic....Hurley River Rd.
MLA Sturdy supported by MLA Tegart have been working on our behalf on our requests to have the Hurley River Rd. put in the jurisdiction of one ministry and also to have a more consistent, overall level of maintenance on the road.  I received a copy of a letter to one of our property owners from their MLA and I quote:
"This ministry and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure are currently engaged in discussions focused on providing a more consistent level of road maintenance across the entire 49 kms of Hurley River Road. Both agencies have heard from the public and stakeholders, and we are facilitating a "one window" approach to government, where one local government office (either in Merritt or Squamish) would field all call regarding road maintenance issues.

The two agencies expect to have an arrangement in place to address many of the issues that have been raised by late April 2014..."

This letter was sent on March 27 and signed by an Assistant Deputy Minister.

So folks, fingers crossed something happens and delivers a consistent level of maitnenance throughout the road.  This will support many different aspects of the well being of the valley!

Lone Goat Snowmobile Trail and Cabin - On the way to a Sec. 56 status

Click here for the answer to.............What is a Section 56 you ask?

The SLRD received a referral notice from the MFLNRO Recreation Sites & Trails requesting opinion on a potential Sec. 56 status for the Lone Goat Snowmobile Trail & Cabin.  When staff asked me about it,  my first question was has the BRV Snowmobile Club also been consulted.  Turns out the Ministry official did not have current contact information for the Club so I was able to put them in touch with Brian Stuart, the current secretary of the Club.

My understanding is that the Ministry and the Club have had a long discussion and the Club has given their two thumbs up on the legal establishment of the Trail.  Later this year they will likely negoatiate a partnership agreement with the Ministry.  Very positive step for our area and the BRV Snowmobile Club..  SLRD also gave their approval of the idea.

Future for Independent Power Projects - Run of the River etc. in our area
Those of you wondering if we might land up with more IPP's in our area in the short/medium term might want to read this article.

Leftover Piles of Timber and Slash from Tyaughton Lake Fire 2009
Over the last several years I have communicated with MOFLNRO re the leftover piles of slash & timber at the north end of Gun Lake.  Nothing really happened with them. Recently the SLRD Board got behind the request at my prompting as this is a fire hazard in our area.  This is the response we recently received.