Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Water Pump for Gold Bridge and other items: October 2012

Gold Bridge Water System Improvements

$45,000 has been approved under the Regionally Significant Project (RSP) Fund have been approved for federal Gas Tax funding by the Gas Tax Management Committee, composed of representatives from the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), Infrastructure Canada, and the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.

Canada's Gas Tax Fund provides stable, long-term funding to local governments to help them
build and revitalize public infrastructure. The UBCM administers the Gas Tax Fund in BC, in
collaboration with the governments of Canada and British Columbia.

The funding for Gold Bridge will allow a badly needed, larger pump to be installed so that residents will have an effective water system and will allow opportunity for growth in the system.

Link to SLRD press release:

Will the Spruce Budworm be back next season???

The answer is yes, the big question is how severe will next years defoliation be?

Lorraine Maclauchlan,  Forest Entomologist, Thompson Okanagan Region gave us a presentation on the Spruce Budworm on September long weekend.  You can see information on that presentation on this blog at this link:

Lorraine promised information once they had done some egg mass sampling and here it is:

Summary of fall 2012 egg mass sampling surveys in the Gun Lake area
Western spruce budworm (WSB)
No. SitesPredicted 2013 defoliation by WSB
4 siteslight defoliation predicted
18 sitesmoderate defoliation predicted
6 sitessevere defoliation predicted
Broad geographic locationDetailed LocationElevation (m)# eggmasses per 10 m2 foliagePredicted defoliation for 2013
Downton LkS side Downton Lake - 14.5 km Bridge R Main837 m214severe
Downton LkS side Downton Lake - 10.5 km Bridge R Main851 m25light
GoldbridgeS side Downton Lk - 2 km Bridge R Main909 m52moderate
GoldbridgeStart of Bridge R Main916 m21light
Goldbridge1 km Hurley724 m58moderate
Goldbridge4 km Hurley951 m102moderate
Goldbridge2.5 km Hurley828 m153severe
GoldbridgeGoldbridge - Start of road to Bralorne808 m77moderate
GoldbridgeGoldbridge - Bralorne Rd949 m117moderate
Goldbridge0.5 km Kingdome Lake Rd1,073 m95moderate
GoldbridgeGoldbridge - Bralorne Rd1,078 m208severe
GoldbridgeHurley R Rd near Bralorne978 m76moderate
Gun Lk1.5 km Slim Cr Main875 m130moderate
Gun Lk3 km Slim Cr Main876 m129moderate
Gun LkLajoie Cr877 m55moderate
Gun Lk6.5 km Slim Cr Main1,042 m151severe
Gun Lk8 km Slim Cr Main1,165 m160severe
Gun LkSumner Cr1,160 m115moderate
Gun Lkoff Slim Cr Main1,182 m53light
Tyaughton Lk0.2 km 5 Mile FSR894 m155severe
Tyaughton Lk0.2 km 5 Mile FSR1,029 m121moderate
Tyaughton Lk5 Mile FSR1,115 m37light
Tyaughton LkTyaughton Lk Rd - S end Tyaughton Lk1,011 m64moderate
Tyaughton LkTyaughton Lk Rd - N end Tyaughton Lk1,143 m132moderate
Tyaughton LkTyaughton Lk Rd - Cinnabar Cr1,118 m96moderate
Tyaughton LkMud Cr1,176 m60moderate
Tyaughton LkMud Cr1,112 m85moderate
Tyaughton LkTyaughton Lk Rd - N of Tyaughton Lk1,209 m72moderate

Lorraine says:   " To summarize briefly, there seems to still be a population present in the area and defoliation will continue in 2013 in many of the same and a few new areas.  Most sites came out as moderate with about equal number predicting light or severe defoliation for 2013.

As of now I still cannot say anything about our budget for 2013.  Therefore, whether or not MFLNRO will entertain a spray program in the area is still questionable.  I am going ahead with the assumption we will be spraying (arranging meetings with First Nations, submitting plans to MOE, delineating DRAFT spray blocks etc). "

Debbie's Note:  Please remember that any spraying done by MFLNRO would be on crown land.  I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this so please feel free to email me at, also any questions you have, I will get Lorraine to answer and publish here.

School Board meets at Gold Bridge School

The School Trustees of the Gold Trail School District met at the Gold Bridge school.
Two other important points came out of that meeting for me:
1. The school field is in terrible condition.  As a result of that meeting, I have committed $5,000 SLRD Area A funds to partner with a funding application to the School Connections Fund. This fund is primarily intended to link local government and school districts to work on projects that benefit both the public and students.  At this writing, I am uncertain if the School District has moved this application forward to the funder.  A local person has donated used of excavator and operator and also the Parent Advisory Committee has committed volunteer labor.  Fingers crossed!!!
2. Planning for the future of the school must be done by the community.  School District may partner but cannot initiate this.  With 4 students and challenges continuing around this aspect of our community, this is something we need to work on.  If you would like to be part of a small committee to work on this let me know.  Jim MacArthur (current School Trustee Lillooet) said to call him as well.  We will need to find funding and hire someone to help facilitate, involve community and come up with a plan.