Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Air BNB and Cell Phone Survey, Hurley Snow Plowing

Local Government Elections
As almost everyone is aware, I am retiring and not running in this Fall's elections.

A key date span is fast approaching and that is the nomination period, September 4-14 inclusive.  You must submit your forms to the SLRD office in that time frame to appear on the ballot.

The election is on October 20 and you will be sworn in, for 4 years on November 20.

There is a ton of excellent information at this link:
Our Chief Electoral Officer, Kristen Clark, can also help and support you as well.
And, I am always available with past history on issues and so on.

As I have mentioned previously, the base stipend is $25,000 per year.  Many expenses are paid including all travel, some office and computer expenses, phone(s) (Area A gets 50% of a satellite phone paid), etc.

If this has been on your mind, you can and should run!  Every elected official charts their own course with their own priorities and time availability.

An Election, a choice, with several good people running would be very good for our area and the choice would make sure the right person for this time in our history would be elected!

Short Term Rental Survey

Earlier this spring I did a short term rental (Air BNB) type survey.

For your interest here are the results:

Note that participation was 14% Bralorne, 7% Gold Bridge, 56% Gun Lake, 12% Tyaughton Lake and 8 % Marshall Lake with 2 % Other.

As you are aware short term rentals (Air BNB) are illegal in residential zoned locations in Area A.
You can apply for a rezoning to commercial to accommodate short term rentals.  Keep in mind that most of the residential zoning allow Bed & Breakfasts and also long term (month to month) rentals.
Please check with the zoning bylaw or call our planning department at 1-800-298-7753.  They will give you the scoop.    If you have a short term rental nearby and you wish to complain about it you can fill out a bylaw enforcement form,

Cell Phone Service Survey

The results in this survey are very interesting and not what I expected.

Have a look:

I have been in constant contact with Telus (several meetings) and other major organizations in our area.  We will see what develops.

Hurley FSR Snow Plowing Last Winter

I've had many people suggest that keeping the Hurley FSR Open through the winter would really help our area by increasing access and making it more attractive (and less isolating) for people to live here.

Last winter, Interwest had cutblocks in the Hope Creek area and were hauling in both directions.  The Hurley FSR was kept open to January 5.  I asked them about costs to do this and here is the answer:

"From the beginning of November to the end of December we spent $100,000 total, mostly during the last 3 weeks in December.  That was 2 graders and a bulldozer double shifting.  When the snow really hit there in December it was essentially non-stop to keep it open.  "

Based on this information, I have put together a little survey to get your opinion:

Campground Bylaw

The SLRD is considering putting a Campground Bylaw in place to regulate private campgrounds.
See the report and proposed bylaw here:  

Please call me or email me with any questions or concerns.  I need to provide input by September 30, 2018.


  1. Only survey I saw was on the short term rentals. Never saw the one for cell phones. Will add my 2 cents to that and say I am dead set against cell phone service in this area. As someone said "All we need is people texting or talking on the phone while driving these roads".

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